Installation preview

This is a set of samples I will eventually put into my installation.


Otter calendar


I decided to make the calendar with the theme of otter in this project. The original intention of making the otter calendar was that I would like to have design for the people who loves otter, moreover I likewise intended to let more people be acquainted about the otter and love it. Otter has entered the list of endangered animals, hence I hope to call upon more people to protect the wildlife. It would be highly interesting. Although the time was insufficient, for the condition that a set of calendar required 12 illustrations and certain other graphic designs, actually the workload was extremely large. However I still wanted to do it and finished this calendar at the time of holiday.


Ryan Grander at Lisson Gallery

I saw this artist’s work on Instagram, I immediately went to Lisson Gallery to observe it. He made a series of white sculptures which are buried in volcanic black sand. The shape of volcanic black sand reminded me of the sea, as if a group of white people float on the black sea. Inspired by the rocks on the seashore, he invented a series of stone sculptures and created a language of stone. This is a very interesting book I found in the museum. The words in it are composited of stones in all in various shapes.